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Travel, Tourism and Rentals

Planning a vacation, touring a country or traveling for any of hundreds of reasons should involve some initial planning. If you are traveling between countries, things become much more involved than taking a local trip. There are many travel agencies and organizations which can schedule flights, map out routes or provide guides for your final destination. Bringing lots of cash or traveler's checks aren't as important as they used to be as long as you have a credit or debit card. Most cards will convert currencies if you are in a foreign country and major credit cards are widely accepted. If you rent a car you should pay by credit card. Most credit card provide free insurance coverage for rental cars. Make sure to check with your credit card provider before you leave.


Automobile Servicing and Maintenance

Following your vehicles recommended auto servicing and maintenance schedule is of the utmost importance. Simply things like changing your oil on a regular basis can keep your engine clean, prevent wear and tear and extend the life of your vehicle. Oil levels on older cars should be checked more frequently to prevent engine damage and wear. Don't forget to check the radiator, windshield wiper, transmission and brake fluids when you get an oil change. Depending on your driving habits you may want to rotate your tires once or twice a year. Tune-ups and spark plug changes are needed less frequently on almost all newer model cars but should be done when suggested by the manufacturer. It is also important to change your air filter and cabin filters. If you are not a do it yourself type of person then you need to find a trustworthy auto mechanic for regular servicing of your automobile.