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Plastic Packaging Corp.
Plastic Packaging Corp.

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General Reference and Resource Information
Reference is the act of pointing, referring, linking or connecting. On the web the term reference usually describes a place to find further information about a particular subject. Reference is commonly used in libraries terms to help find materials, books, magazines or papers. Almost any subject, product or topic can be referenced.
Employment Reference
In an employment situation a reference is usually a person who can vouch for you or provide information about your history. Almost all employment applications ask for several references or people who can be contacted to verify and provide information about you.
Web Reference
On the web, reference can refer to almost any subject but usually portrays a more accurate, detailed description coming from a source of authority. Reference is a common category used in web directories. Many of the categories are copied from one of the original web directories called the DMOZ or Open Directory Project. They set the standard for relevant search categories and thousands of websites followed their lead.