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Testimonials from friends and clients

I had been trying to get my web site started for two years and I had spent about $9000.00. I didn’t know what to do. All the places I tried offered a professionally designed site, a SEO package, and hosting. After they got me to sign the contract, I was long forgotten and they were collecting an absurd amount of money per month and my credit cards were maxed out from the initial cost of the site.

I decided to start over again. I didn’t have any more money or credit. I needed to find a partner with the skills I am lacking. Where can I find someone like this? I googled ecommerce partnerships and found Enhanced Online Sales. I sent them an email saying everything I’d gone through and pitched them my idea of selling candles. They investigated my idea and realized the candle industry was waiting for us to come along and make a lot of cash. It takes time to get ranked in search engines and my site started getting hits in the first week. 
My site has been live since Oct 2008 and I’ve seen more orders in those first three months than my other sites have done in two years.
James Ehring

Dear E.O.S.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We were paying high monthly fee's for our business web site with no e-commerce capabilities while generating very little in sales. After moving our site to one of your recommended web hosts we had a fully functional online business established in a very short time, for less than we were previously paying. Our sales are increasing on a monthly basis and we are very pleased we used your suggested providers. Your sincere advice and guidance has been a blessing for establishing our online business.

Ray MacKenzie
President / Owner

Dear Enhanced Online Sales

Our web site was stale and unproductive until we followed the advice on you web pages. We moved our site to your recommended web host and used the optimization tools you suggested. We now have an easy to use, professional looking store with extensive e-commerce capabilities. Thanks for all your help.

John Crean

Dear Enhanced Online Sales

This letter is to all you new website owners, like me, who have found the website. My message is BOOKMARK this website and keep your wallet in your pocket or purse. You will not be sorry and you will save a lot of money.

There is more useful, practical and actionable information within this website and related links then one can absorb in a single reading. My advice as you become more experienced is to keep coming back and review these pages because they are continuously updated and more importantly, the significance of the information take on more meaning as you become more knowledgeable in developing and optimizing your website. Every time I get ready to buy a book, I come back to and find the information I need in an easy to understand format.

Not only will you save money by not buying reference books on e-business development or website optimization among other subjects, you will be provided with many links to other websites offering free help such as generating HTML Meta tag, choosing keywords, and other ideas that will lead to higher rankings by the major search engines, etc.

Thank you