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Ecommerce - Selling Your Company's Goods or Services Using the Internet

What is Ecommerce? - Ecommerce is basically a fancy name for selling goods and services on the web. Some people use a hyphen (e-commerce) but both ways of spelling the term are correct. The name is actually an abbreviation for "electronic commerce".

Chances are you found Enhanced Online Sales because you are either looking to start a new store to sell your products or you have an existing store which is not generating the traffic / revenue you imagined it would. We can help you with both.

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of ecommerce products or shopping carts you can purchase which allow you to quickly build a store by displaying your company's products on a website. We have either used or studied most of them in detail.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of ecommerce you need to take the time to research the exact requirements your store will need and what type of expanded services you will need down the road. It can be a major setback to your business if you need to move to another ecommerce solution because you find out your original plan doesn't have the features you expected. Honestly, most businesses don't know what they will need for services until they start to run into problems.

What Should My Business Consider Prior to Purchasing an Ecommerce Store?

Do you want to own the store or rent it for a monthly fee?
How many products do you need to list?
Do you require sharp, clear images for your products and would you like the ability to display product images in various sizes?
Do you need ftp access to your products / website and would you like the ability to upload and download products and information onto spreadsheets?
Do you have a fixed shipping rate or do you need to enter product weights and use UPS, FedEx or USPS rate tables during the checkout process?
Would you like product URL’s to be search engine friendly?
What checkout services and credit card companies do you want to use?
What amount of CPU usage or bandwidth will your hosting company allow you to use?
Do you need to list various attributes such as: color and size or do you need to list attributes specific to your industry?

These are a just a few things you need to consider. Enhanced Online Sales can help you build your ecommerce empire without the costly mistakes most web business eventually run into. We own and operate stores which generate thousands of dollars in daily sales. We can provide help with web design, hosting, search engine optimization and unique ecommerce solutions.

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