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Art History

The study of art history can be a rich and rewarding project, career or endeavor. The history of art is not only studied by Universities and scholars but is open to anyone with the desire and drive to seek knowledge. This rewarding field can be studied in museums, libraries, historical cities and on the web. Art history is a huge field, encompassing many types of art, periods of history and interpretations. If you have the desire you only need to open your mind and pursue the area you are passionate about.


An artist can mean a wide variety of things, in numerous fields, studies, crafts and forms. Artists can be dancers, actors, painters, photographers, musicians or hundreds of other professional and non-professional people. Whether an artist is pursuing a career, vocation, study or hobby it is best to start off in the field or area most important to them. If you are just beginning, finding a mentor to help guide and keep you on track is a great starting place. Research your particular field, study other artists and become an authority on your subject. In many cases a natural talent may be important but it is up to the individual artist to find the tools and motivation to stick with their chosen field.

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