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Small Business Web Consulting

Whether you are looking for a web makeover, starting brand new or trying to increase visitors to your website, Enhanced Online Sales can help. We know the web and have first hand experience through our many partnerships. We also have one of the lowest cost hosting plans on the web.

  • If you need a basic website design for your business we can help you.
  • If you want to sell your products on the web we can help you.
  • If you are looking to become dominant player in your field and significantly increase your web sales we can help.

We are a team of honest, straight forward, web consultants who can integrate your business with the web.

The Truth

Sales: You are not going to put your business on the web and have instant sales.
Cost: You are not going to spend a few hundred dollars and make millions.
Time: Creating your business website can be done quickly but for companies or individuals selling products there is no formula for overnight success.

If You Doubt Us

Do a search for “successful web business”. At the time of this writing there were 76 million results. Take your time and browse through them. You may want to try a few of their ideas, spend lots of money and find out that most of them get you nowhere. Then come back to visit us.

Do Things The Right Way

Do a little more browsing of our website and find out we really know what we are talking about. We will try to give you enough information to decide if we are the right consultants for you.

Our Faults

We way undercharge. Enhanced Online Sales (E.O.S.) is a small group of consultants who are trying to help small businesses. We have only made a small amount of businesses successful and quite honestly we don’t know our value. In due time this will all change. Do I hear opportunity?

Our Strengths

Ecommerce… Communication… Integration… Experience… Honesty…

Your Risk

Zero, for an initial call or email. If we don’t think we can help you, we will be absolutely straight forward and let you know.

Our Proposal

After our initial contact we will be happy to provide you with a proposal.

Consultation Fees

Initial Contact - no fee. Discuss whatever you like. This is our life and we love it.

Basic Web Design Consultation

Once you decide to use us, we will begin the information gathering process. We will email you a questionnaire designed to pinpoint your goals, style, functionality needs, etc. The total cost of your website will depend on the number of pages you require and other features you may want included. We can give you a detailed estimate so you will know your exact costs before the project begins.

Designer Ecommerce Web Site Package:
Including Development, Hosting and Design

Ecommerce is more expensive and more involved than a basic website. There are a variety of options depending on your individual needs. This may include web design, an ecommerce shopping cart, a search engine friendly website, domain registration and hosting. We don't ever want to be accused of using scare tactics but it is so important to your business to know the pitfalls of web ecommerce. It is easy for a business to spend thousands of dollars developing an online sales channel and find it doesn't have the necessary bells and whistles to compete in the world of ecommerce. Your first question should be: Is it search engine friendly?

Additional Services

Product uploads
Shopping feeds
Meta tag creation
Keyword research
Search engine optimization

We work with to provide our video production services. Feel free to contact Sven or Greg directly. They do a great job.