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Ecommerce Partnerships

In some unique situations we offer a partnership for establishing an ecommerce business. The partnership involves building a jointly owned, authority ecommerce web site where Enhanced Online Sales receives a percentage of sales. We provide hosting, design, an ecommerce store, product data entry, photographs if needed, keyword analysis and optimization (top rankings in search engines).

Our partners are usually established brick and mortar companies with multiple products within a related field. The products must not compete with any of our existing partner web sites. Our company partners provide the inventory, shipping services and customer sales inquiry services.

The advantage of this type of partnership is that a company will have almost no cost to establish a substantial internet presence. Enhanced Online Sales is confident enough in our services that we assume the full cost to establish the entire web sales network and store. If we don't generate sales we don't get paid.

The reason we partner with certain businesses is because we like the ongoing revenue stream. We don't want to own a brick and mortar business, carry inventory, ship products and man telephones. Our expertise is selling products on the web. The web is fiercely competitive and competition increases every day. Pick any product you want to sell and you will find millions of related pages on the web fighting for the top ten positions in the search engines for the same product. The true cost of establishing a successful ecommerce business is substantial and ongoing.

We currently own or partner with six ecommerce websites. If you are shopping for discount items checjk out Atlantic Accents, and Northeast Fasteners Visit - You will find them easy to navigate with great prices and selection.

We are particular and serious about our web partnerships and the opportunities are very limited. Please feel free to contact us with your information if you would like to learn more.

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