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Are Meta Tags Important for Ecommerce Products?

You will read many articles about meta tags saying they are a thing of the past and mostly useless.

We disagree. Most of the search engines use meta tags as part of their formula to determine web page positions in the SERP's (search engine results pages). There are many, many factors used by the search engines to determine which web pages are considered the most relevant. There are many search engines. The top 3 are Google, Yahoo and MSN which account for the vast majority of searches. We are not here to debate the importance of meta tags. Our partners have hundreds of keywords in the coveted top ten positions of the big three search engines and yes we think your title, keywords and description are very important. For ecommerce sites we highly recommend title, descriptions and keywords for every product. Our ecommerce store does this for you automatically.

Use Meta Tags

Meta tags are a tool to help describe your website. Use them properly and they will help your rankings. Use them on as many pages as possible. If your web site is capable of automating the process this can be extremely helpful. Most people creating a web site will spend time on the first several pages and then become much more lax on the rest. When they get to 100 or more pages the meta tags suddenly lose all their importance. If you are a small business and paying a programmer to set up your meta tags you probably can't afford to have them work on hundreds of pages. Automation works great in these situations.

Meta Tags Should Include Title, Description and Keywords

Titles should look like this:

<title>Insert Your Web Site Title Here</title>

Note: A title is not really a meta tag but it is found within the head tag and usually optimized at the same time as your keywords and description.

Meta tag descriptions should look like this:

<meta name="description" content="Insert Your Web Site Description Here" />

Meta tag keywords should look like this:

<meta name="keywords" content="Insert Your Keywords Here" />

Here is a tutorial to learn more about head tags and meta tags: